Adam writes on 2013-11-27:

Sorry for the misleading post title but it did grab your attention, didn’t it?

The good news is that “Xmas came early” and Millie, Jenn’s DR650, is fixed!  We won’t need to decorate the trailer with tinsel after all!

Patient readers, we are tired from a long day of riding through hefty winds, so we are going to keep this post short and get into details about the bike at a later time, probably as a page.

That said, we want to publicly acknowledge the support received from Erik and Kaye.  It is hard to believe that several weeks back we were sending out pleas for help on internet forums, and then today we had to say some hard “goodbyes” having departed Kempner and arriving in Fort Stockton.  Erik and Kaye have been great and very generous towards us.  It is hard to believe that we spent over three weeks in their trailer.  It doesn’t feel that long, but alas, we have been in Texas for about a month now.  Also, we apologize to the border officer having told him we would be in the US for a week to ten days.

We are going to miss Kempner, the cozy trailer, the three wonderful dogs and their laser pointer game known as “green light”, Erik and Adam’s mini beer-club meetings, near daily trips to the H.E.B. grocery store, wrenching, asking repetitive questions about military life, eating great meals, and generally having a good time.

In lieu of a longer posting, feel free to have a look at the related thread down at Two Wheeled Texans: