Building Out Our Bikes

We are riding two Suzuki DR650SE motocycles.  We are currently travelling in Latin America, but also originally had travel in Africa on the brain.  We wanted bikes that could be maintained and fixed anytimeanywhere.   We built our travel bikes with this in mind.

KISS:  Keep It Simple Stupid

In the process of building out our travel bikes we have made the decision to bolt on, or modify, various things.  Most, if not all, of the changes made to our bikes are things that we either saw as mandatory, or important.  While the list is long, KISS, or keep it simple stupid, was always a fundamental tenet.  As to whether we actually achieved KISS might be a matter of opinion.

DR650SE, A Simple Motorcycle

Actually, the DR650SE itself is simple in that it has a single cylinder, oil cooled (with radiator), has a carburetor (not fuel injected) and has simple electrics (no CANBUS).