Welcome to Trans-Continental Mambo

In 2013 and 2014 Adam and Jenn traveled from Ontario to Buenas Aires, Argentina.  As of Summer 2014, we are back in Ontario, although not completely settled.

What is our goal?

While we admire those who set out to achieve a specific goal, or set records, Trans-Continental Mambo isn’t out to do these things.  We aren’t even referring to what we are doing as an RTW (‘Round The World’) tour.  It might come to that, but for now, we are aiming on taking the relatively slow path, heading south down through Central and South America, with our sights on also visiting Africa. For now, however, Africa seem pretty far away and will probably have to waiting since our bank accounts are not deep enough.

Actually, having our main living space decorated by various large wall maps over the last couple of years, we can say that we have had more than one planning session involving choosing the best land route to take to get to just about any place on this fine earth.  But for now, we have to start somewhere.

What’s in a name?


What’s in a name?  Trans-Continental Mambo is supposed to be playful.  “Trans-Continental” sounds serious.  It is reminiscent of “multi-national” which can spawn images of businessmen, big commerce, or at least long haul freight.  Ahhh…the irony, given that we pay for our travels out of pocket (and have had some help some generous friends and family along the way), and aren’t even close to be sponsored.


While we are not experts on the matter, the “Mambo” – a Latin music and dance with African roots – is anything but linear.  It’s hard not to smile when your hear the term “Mammmmmbo”.

Not “The Hustle”

Loosely borrowed from the title-track “Trans-Continental Hustle” by a band called Gogol Bordello, the term “hustle” – which works for the song – didn’t work for us.  For one, the Travolta-esque imagery of The Hustle seems out of place in Latin America.  It sounds too busy and too reminiscent of the decadent ’70’s.

Not “Hustlers”

In addition, we are not hustlers or involved in some hustle.  We are not carrying any illicit substances, and don’t care to get involved in that sort of activity or find ourselves in some Latin American prison.

Mambo denotes the non-linear for us

Trans-Continental Mambo is about taking it cool, stopping to smell the flowers, and not necessarily taking the quickest, most linear route possible.  Been there done that.

Packed it all in

In August 2013 we packed it all in.  We quit our jobs, packed up our apartment, sold a bunch of stuff, with the remainder sitting in storage.  Lessons learned from the past include avoiding trying to do to much or see too much in a too short a period, under-estimating how much time it takes to accomplish something, and that most “projects” have a way of going grossly overtime.